Guild Rules and Amenities

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Guild Rules and Amenities  Empty Guild Rules and Amenities

Post  Shuu on Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:45 pm


  1. Respect each other and other players, regardless of guild.
  2. Do not beg. It's courteous to give guildies discounts or specials, but not expected or necessary.
  3. Don't undercut each other - this deflates prices of otherwise valuable items.
  4. Participate in siege. While participation isn't required, if you agree to be part of the line up, BE THERE.
  5. There is a guild fee of 5m per member, per month. This is subject to change with GP prices. The money remains in the guild warehouse at all times, and pays for our amenities.


The guild fee is spent on:

  • Guild House/Adv Guild House
  • Guild House Maintenance
  • Guild Furniture
  • Siege & Tower Fees


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