Want to apply? Use this application form!

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Want to apply? Use this application form! Empty Want to apply? Use this application form!

Post  Shuu on Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:53 pm

Make a new thread titled "<Your Name>'s Application" with this info to apply!

Or make a creative name and I'll laugh or something.

Please answer with more than a few words. The entire point of applications is getting to know you, and exactly how good a fit you will be with the current members.

Current level req.: 90

  1. What is your in game name on Mocomochi?
  2. What are your previous servers and IGNs?
  3. What level are you currently on Mocomochi?
  4. How many hours a day do you play, on average?
  5. Do you have guild siege experience?
  6. Do you have secret room experience?
  7. Are you interested in farming dungeons (Aminus, Wilds, etc...)
  8. What draws you to this guild?
  9. Any additional information you'd like to provide.

Your application will be promptly reviewed.

Accepted = "Yes" from 3 or more members
Rejected = "No" from 3 or more members
Tie = Guild Leader decision


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