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Post  Powwa on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:25 pm

Hi all Smile
Just to prevent, I'm french ( First reaction of you : " Why this stupid french don't play on Flyff FR ? " ). So, my english may be perfect, and sometimes ... HORRIBLE O.O

-What is your in game name on Mocomochi?
I'm Powwa, Elementor.
-What are your previous servers and IGNs?
I played on French Flyff. I quitted this from some months to start a new adventure here from 2-3 days.
I had an Elementor H-121 and a Psy H-121 too.
-What level are you currently on Mocomochi?
For the moment, 73.
-How many hours a day do you play, on average?
I can play all the day during holidays, or some hours.
-Do you have guild siege experience?
A little bit, on Flyff FR.
-Do you have secret room experience?
No, i never tryied with my guild.
-Are you interested in farming dungeons (Aminus, Wilds, etc...)
Of course ! Just love it <3 Elementor is very good to kill mob in Aminus :3
-What draws you to this guild?
High level of some people. I play to flyff from 3 years, and a guild with high levels may be very very interested. ( Aminus, Wilds, GS, ... ) And I hope some people nice, funny ... Smile
-Any additional information you'd like to provide :

As you know from 2 minuts, I'm french, so when it's 2;15am here, it's ... 18;00pm in US ( I think O.O ).

And, In real life :

I'm Dylan ( Yea, i'm not a girl >.> ), 15 years, Student, love Flyff, Hate CS ( --' ), stupid ( Only sometimes [ Thanks God ! ] ) ...

Well, that's all. Question ? Ask me Smile

Hope be accept.

Thanks Smile

EDIT : xBleach tell me : I've to be lvl 90 to enter. No problem ! In few day, that will be ok, I think. Very Happy


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Post  Shuu on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:53 pm

As xBleach said, our requirement is now 90+. I'll leave your thread open, just bump it when you're 90.


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